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by Resplandor

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Newly Remastered!

Antonio Zelada formed Resplandor in the summer of 1996, influenced by bands such as Slowdive, My Bllody Valentiene, Swallow, Seefeel and The Cocteau Twins etc. Deseo, form their debut album Elipse, was recorded in 2000, two years after the release of their first E.P., Sol de Hiel. This latest South American shoegaze band (from Peru) is set to expand the confines of experimental music – Losing Today Magazine

Resplandor has finally defined a duo format: Antonio Zelada is in charge of the voice, guitars, sequences and rhythms and Wilmer Ruiz of the keyboards. Against the excessively experimental tendencies of his early compositions, the group has found a sound melodic line that is based on the inspired arrangements of keyboard, but keeps that characteristic voice muted - almost a whisper - that gives to its sound peculiar hypnotic virtues. Resplandor is built on the basis of sound layers of guitars with delay - method that brings them circumstantially to postpunk - of melancholy and frustrated loves. Special mention for the instrumental Eterna Marea, a journey without hallucinogens. TV+ Magazine

Resplandor, now a duo formed by Antonio Zelada and Wilmer Ruiz explores the undermines of nostalgia and reverie in Elipse, his first L.P. Somos Magazine


released August 27, 2017

Release date February 4, 2000.
Recorded at Estrella Negra by Rocco Flores Oneto.
Produced & Mixed by Antonio Zelada and Rocco Flores Oneto


all rights reserved



Saint Marie Records Earth, Texas

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