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by Vysoké Čelo

Erdő II 00:00 / 03:38
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'Űrutazás' - a cosmic journey - is a tale of unfulfilled child dreams. Navigated in the starry sky by Stanisław Lem, today they send their own probe to unveil the mystery of universe and what's beyond it.

Will you find their ship in the vastness of cosmic nothingness? Now you are in space, in a tiny spaceship, sitting in a white space suit and holding a Lem's book and this album. Will you help us?


released April 24, 2017

F - guitars
Wróbson - recitations
Again, lots of thanks to Eija Risen, who helped us with mixing

Cover art: John Tebbutt - The great comet of 1881

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Vysoké Čelo Poland

Vysoké Čelo is an ambient folk project set by J in 2014 under an Opus Elefantum Collective wing. In 2016 M from Skroń joined...  more

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Track Name: Ktoś zgasił Słońce
Excerpts from Stanisław Lem's "Test"
Track Name: Lot na Księżyc
Excerpts from Stanisław Lem's "Test"
Track Name: Utracony kurs
Teague Gives Teague Truly Men's You Love Truly Billfold Wallet Wings Excerpts from Stanisław Lem's "Odruch warunkowy"
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